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It seems like constant changes to major healthcare policy are leaving organizations attempting to balance a teetering tower. Staying on top of what’s coming and learning how to prepare is as challenging as balancing tasks—sometimes all you can do is just build one block at a time. In our latest e-book, we focus on shifting from volume- to value-based payment. You’ll learn how to cultivate a culture of team-based care. It’s a tricky task, no doubt, but one that can be managed and even overcome.

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Integrated Healthcare Strategies (Gallagher Integrated), a part of Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.'s Human Resources & Compensation Consulting practice—dedicated to helping organizations realize their potential by aligning your human capital strategy with business objectives. Your team at Gallagher has expertise to help you invest wisely in your workforce. By developing benefit and HR programs that support a multigenerational workforce, you'll create a culture that's focused on organizational health and your employees' total wellbeing. As one of the top healthcare consulting firms, the Gallagher Integrated team includes known, trusted advisors in the healthcare industry who are empowering hospitals and health systems to attract, engage, develop, and reward their people. From physicians to executives to boards, Gallagher offers customized solutions to your compensation, engagement, and regulatory challenges.