Surveys & Analytics

Decisions Made with Data in Mind

One of the single best ways to gain greater insights into the people within your organization is through healthcare analytics and surveys. With greater data comes a greater understanding into the underlying factors that are both advancing and impeding your organization's strategic objectives; in essence, what is working, and what isn't.

With more than 40 years of experience in healthcare surveys and analytics, Gallagher Integrated is a healthcare analytics company providing the industry expertise to ensure you get the most relevant information, and the decades of experience to help you use it effectively.

What We Offer

Quantitative Information. Quality Results.

At Gallagher Integrated, we believe this is more than a numbers game—it's about properly interpreting healthcare analytics and translating them into actionable plans that help your organization achieve its long-term goals. Through the healthcare analytics provided by our compensation surveys and engagement surveys, you're able to get the pulse of not only your own organization, but the industry as a whole. Empowered by this quantitative information from an industry-leading healthcare analytics company, your organization is better poised to succeed in increasingly dynamic and competitive industries—including healthcare and beyond.