Leadership Development Audits

Advancement Through Auditing

Just like any other organizational challenge, employee, physician, and leadership development must begin with a thorough understanding of the present situation before you can begin making improvements for the future. Gallagher Integrated offers specific solutions to your most complicated development issues by conducting complete healthcare leadership training audits across your organization. This helps us to gain a better understanding of your unique opportunities for advancement as you seek to better develop your team throughout the healthcare leadership development program audit and beyond.

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Deeper Data for Your Development Decisions

From physician leader development to Medical Staff Development Plans (MSDPs), Gallagher Integrated offers training and development plans for practically any employee type. Our healthcare leadership training audits involve both qualitative and quantitative measures that provide deeper insights into your organization. With the information from the healthcare leadership skills audit in hand, you are empowered to make smarter, more informed decisions about the future of your organization and the employees best suited to grow into your next generation of leaders.