Gallagher GovernWell™

Your Best Resource for Healthcare Governance Training

With the healthcare industry rapidly changing, your C-Suite is likely under even more pressure to make increasingly complicated decisions regarding how to transform their board's best practices through corporate governance training.

To help you with these challenges, Gallagher Integrated offers a game-changing web-based healthcare governance development model for boards attempting to meet the new demands and pressures for successful hospital governance: Gallagher GovernWell™.

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What Is Gallagher GovernWell™?

  • It's a comprehensive corporate governance training resource with more than 3,000 pages of healthcare governance training materials—so your board chairs and CEOs have extensive materials they can use immediately.
  • Its files are established as Word, PowerPoint, etc. files—so they can be easily customized with your organization's own logos and materials, saving time and money.
  • Its materials are easily accessible and organized—so they can be an easy healthcare governance model for your board's journey towards continuous development and enhancement.

Whether you're seeking quality healthcare governance training solutions or a resource that improves hospital governance and quality of care, Gallagher GovernWell offers the corporate governance training materials your board needs to be successful in a new and rapidly changing healthcare climate.

Now in partnership with BoardEffect, an online portal software platform that is available to over 1,400 leading organizations, and over 100,000 users to help better the work of boards, together we will be able to provide the full suite of Gallagher GovernWell resources through the BoardEffect platform. By purchasing the BoardEffect healthcare package, your trustees will have access to the full set of Gallagher GovernWell articles, BoardBriefs, and more. Your in-house governance professionals can use the integrated Gallagher GovernWell templates in BoardEffect to create more interactive online board self-assessments, policy handbooks, disclosure forms, and more—in just a matter of minutes!

For more information on BoardEffect and this partnership, click here.