Fair Market Value Assessments

Physician and APC Compensation Fair Market Value & Commercial Reasonableness Assessments

Prioritizing Physicians. Improving Performance.

The current regulatory climate offers no shortage of complications for you to navigate. IRS guidelines require you to establish compensation deemed fair market value and commercially reasonable for provider financial arrangements including employment, medical directorships, call payments, professional services agreements, and clinical co-management agreements. If you have not addressed these issues within your provider compensation agreements, you may be at risk for significant fines, penalties, and even criminal judgments for failure to comply with all federal and state laws.

At Gallagher Integrated, we have completed more physician and APC compensation fair market value assessments for healthcare organizations than any other healthcare consulting company in the nation. Our provider compensation consultants are not only expert consultants, but also expert healthcare witnesses for related legal cases. We will work with you to ensure your arrangements are consistent with fair market value and are commercially reasonable. With the largest databases on physician and APC compensation in the industry and our vast experience working with healthcare organizations on these issues, you will have the confidence that your provider arrangements are in line with today's "best practice" standards of operation.

Our Approach to Physician Compensation Fair Market Value & Commercial Reasonableness Assessments

  • Provide comprehensive compensation and productivity market data

  • Review compensation plan structure and administration

  • Compare compensation plans to market best practices

  • Help protect your organization by ensuring physician fair market value
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