Engagement Analytics

Navigating the Numbers

One of the best ways to gain greater insights into the people within your organization is through surveys and analytics. As employee engagement in healthcare has become increasingly challenging and complex, traditional engagement surveys and analytics are no longer adequate to truly understand the nuances of your workforce and what you must prioritize to optimize employee engagement in hospitals and organizational success and trigger business success. Gallaher Integrated uses an array of advanced analyses to isolate areas of focus:

  • Correlation Analysis: Utilized to show how survey items are related. This versatile analysis is excellent for confirming relationships between items within a survey or across multiple analytics and data sets.

  • Regression (Key Driver) Analysis: A highly reliable method of prioritizing survey items for organizational action planning. Going much further than correlation analysis, it also predicts the amount of change that can be expected when key driver items improve.

  • Linkage Analysis: An incredibly insightful analysis that considers how different groups impact one another. It identifies the specific behaviors or attitudes of one group which can be modified to promote dynamics of another. Ideal for exploring the linkages between patients, employees, physicians, and other stakeholders.
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Driving Engagement Through Data

Our surveys are designed to improve employee engagement in healthcare settings by measuring the engagement levels of your workforce and identifying the key workplace factors that promote, enhance, and sustain engagement. We meticulously craft our surveys to measure the workplace experiences proven to powerfully promote and sustain the main drivers of employee engagement in healthcare.

Not sure which analytics are right for your organization? No problem—our consultants and researchers will recommend the most appropriate analyses for the strategic questions you need answered in your efforts to create a destination workplace.