Healthcare Compensation Consulting

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Especially in a dynamic industry like healthcare, ensuring that your organization is making the most of its compensation and rewards program is an important part of staying competitive. As a trusted authority in healthcare compensation consulting and physician compensation consulting, Gallagher Integrated develops healthcare compensation plans that align the interests of executives, directors, and staff with their organization's mission and goals. Simply put, we enhance your organization's ability to attract and retain the best people in healthcare through industry-proven healthcare executive compensation consulting.

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Our Approach to Healthcare Compensation Consulting

  • Align pay—from CEO level through staff—with your strategic priorities

  • Educate and prepare your board for today's environment of transparency and public scrutiny around executive pay

  • Design and implement pay programs that improve performance without impeding progress

  • Hardwire governance best practices into your board and committee procedures

  • Maximize value for dollars spent with accurate benchmarking and effective communication strategies

Decades of Healthcare Compensation Consulting & Design

Today, there is more access than ever to benchmarking information regarding compensation practices. This means that your organization needs a compensation plan that is as practical as it is competitive in order to attract and retain talent. Our creative approach to developing healthcare compensation plans is based on decades of experience, and customized to reflect your organization's unique compensation philosophy, strategy, and culture.

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