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Better Manage What You Measure

Higher levels of engagement lead to exceptional business performance.

With so much evolving around healthcare, accurate industry intelligence is more important than ever to determining strategies and making the right strategic decisions—decisions that could easily mean success or failure for your entire organization. That begins with engagement.

But what is "engagement", exactly? And why is it so important to the success and well-being of your organization? We define engagement "A pronounced state of enthusiasm characterized by effort, pride, and passion which fosters a mutually committed relationship between employees and organizations resulting in the enduring pursuit of organizational and personal goals."

Gallagher Integrated knows the performance of your organization hinges on how engaged key groups are as well as the way they each impact your business.

We provide measurement solutions for key members of your team—those who influence the patient experience and long-term success of your organization: Employees, Physicians, Volunteers, and Trustees.

Regardless of your survey findings, our Gallagher Integrated service groups can work in unison to solve your most complex issues including labor relations, compensation and benefits, succession planning, physician relations, and even search to find the right candidates for your leadership positions.

For information on our compensation surveys, please visit the National Healthcare Compensation Surveys page.

What makes Gallagher Integrated unique?

BETTER EXPERTISE: Our team is comprised of doctoral and masters-level social scientists and statisticians.

BETTER METRICS: From content to measurement frequency, our surveys can be customized to meet your unique needs.

BETTER COMPARISONS: Our extensive normative database provides benchmarking precision.

BETTER INSIGHTS: Our advanced analytics are more predictive of enhanced business outcomes.

BETTER REPORTING: Our web-based survey platform, KnowledgeNowâ„¢, offers online reporting and action planning


Our Approach

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