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Governance Roundtable

Experienced Counsel. Wise Insights. Innovative Strategies.

Journeying into population health and accountable care places stress on traditional board structures and processes. New board member competencies and support systems are needed. As health systems and Accountable Care Organizations explore further consolidations to establish the critical mass needed to address this stress and expanded risk, turn to Gallagher Integrated to apply the wisdom and insights of our "Governance Roundtable"

Members in our Gallagher Governance Roundtable help inform our work in three ways:

  1. They challenge us to move beyond the traditional to help enhance the work of governing boards.
  2. They bring real world experiences to explore no nonsense solutions to governance issues.
  3. They help mentor new Board Chairpersons and CEOs to navigate the uncharted waters of value based payments and population health management.

These individuals have extensive experiences in board service and health systems' operations, finance, and change management. They engage with our staff and clients to advance knowledge about governance best practices and success at the intersection of board, executive, and physician leadership.

Watch for their insights in our ELEMENTS Newsletter and Blogs.

James A. Rice
Managing Director &
Senior Advisor

Ken Ackerman
Senior Advisor

Susan O'Hare
Senior Advisor

William Jessee, MD, FACMPE
Senior Medical Advisor

Kathy Hall
Senior Advisor

John Combes
Senior Advisor

Larry Gage
Senior Advisor

Richard Blair
Senior Advisor

Brain Osberg
Senior Advisor

Laurie Lafontaine
Senior Advisor

William Bojan
Senior Advisor

Edith Eisenmann
Senior Advisor

Kelly Prchal

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