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The thought leaders of Integrated Healthcare Strategies, a division of Gallagher Benefit Services, Inc., are here to provide you with insights into trending healthcare topics. Click through to get a better understanding and equip your organization with the knowledge necessary to thrive in today's evolving healthcare environment.

Best Compensation Administration Practices: Reduce Risk for Physician Executive Roles

As the healthcare industry continues on its path toward change, hospitals and health systems are increasingly turning to physicians to fill part-time executive roles. This whitepaper offers a myriad of best compliance practices that will mitigate the risk inherent in the pay structure for these roles.

Format: Whitepaper

Are Boards Paying Enough Attention to Compliance? Office of Inspector General Whitepaper

Boards have a duty to see that hospitals and health systems comply with all state and federal laws and regulations; they also have a fiduciary responsibility to see that charitable assets are used appropriately.

Format: Whitepaper

Fair Labor Standards Act: The Final Rule Regarding Overtime Regulations

The December 1 effective date provides organizations with time to be proactive in their approach to the final rule on overtime regulations. This whitepaper reveals strategies for compliance, considerations, and impact models to implement into your strategic planning.

Format: Whitepaper

Off-Script Episode 2: The New Normal

What we've grown accustomed to in healthcare for decades is changing—and fast! From practitioners to patients, leaders to cultures, it all adds up to a new normal.

Format: Podcast

Off-Script Episode 1: Population Health Management

We want to talk Population Health Management, with one catch: we're throwing out the scripts. The Off-Script series offers a candid look at the major issues dominating healthcare today.

Format: Video

A New Meeting Place: The Impact of Increasing Healthcare Consumerism on Clinical Integration

There is a new meeting place in healthcare — and it's not just in hospitals. Learn what you need to know about healthcare consumerism for your organization to remain competitive.

Format: E-Book

Changing the Current: Managing the Volume to Value Transition

This takes a look at the challenges of the fee-for-service to fee-for-value transition, helping you navigate, plan, and understand the new healthcare climate. Become the expert for your organization.

Format: PowerPoint Presentation and Attendee Handout

Population Health Management: The New Frontier

PHM is an issue dominating headlines, and it's still unchartered territory for many in the healthcare industry. But the time to prepare for the journey is now. Get the guidance your organization needs to determine the best path forward.

Format: Interactive Quiz and Whitepaper

The Shifting Venues in Delivery of Healthcare

It's a trend that provides unique challenges in today's evolving industry, which now demands uniquely qualified top-level executives. Get insights from both sides of the issue to better plan for, find, and develop the healthcare leaders of tomorrow.

Format: Whitepaper

Healthcare Consumerism 3D: Rise of the Consumer

It's the story of three unlikely partners—patients, payors, and providers—rising to the challenge of the new normal of healthcare consumerism…an issue so big, it's in 3D. Get a behind-the-scenes look into the trend so you can better foreshadow your organization's approach to succeed in the consumer-driven future.

Format: E-Book

Raising the Bar: Decreasing Payments and Increasing Risks

Hospitals and physicians are facing an ever-increasing trend in today's healthcare industry: a decrease in healthcare payments and an increase in organizational risks. Watch now to learn how to help your organization raise the bar in strategy and performance.

Format: 3-part Video Series

Executive Pay for Performance: The Fundamentals

While the idea is simple—paying more to get more—the realities of healthcare executive pay are much more complex. Explore the fundamentals; a literal What, Where, When, Why, and How of executive pay for performance.

Format: E-Book

Physician Affiliation & Engagement

How many cultures are driving your organization? Do your doctors and management trust each other? Why are your most engaged physicians leaving? The questions seem daunting. Gallagher Integrated offers answers so you can get better acquainted with physician affiliation and engagement.

Format: E-Book

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