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Physicians as Employees: Boost Engagement to Maintain an Effective Health System

Posted on September 4, 2014 by David Rowlee

In today's healthcare industry, many physicians are making the transition from smaller practices with one or two partners to becoming a practitioner within a hospital where they are managed as part of a much larger organization. To shed light on this issue, I shared my insight and advice in an interview for a blog post for PreCheck, a provider of background screening and employment qualification services for the healthcare industry, on how organizations can develop highly engaged physicians. 

A few vital pieces of information from the post:

  • Healthcare organizations should run engagement surveys on a regular basis. Physician engagement can be measured with a wide variety of metrics that will depend on the organization's survey firm.
  • Perceived competitiveness and quality of leadership are frequently key engagement drivers for physicians. In today's healthcare climate, there's a certain level of apprehension toward the direction of the industry, so physicians tend to be more or less engaged depending on their organization's leadership and rank. 
  • Healthcare organizations should examine their communication strategies. It's critical for an organization to find ways to ensure employees are aware of the competitive projects they're involved in and prevent miscommunication.

Click here to read the full post titled, "How Healthcare HR Can Develop Highly Engaged Physicians."

At INTEGRATED Healthcare Strategies, we know the performance of your organization hinges on the engagement of key groups and how they impact your business. Our team of dedicated consultants provides measurement solutions for key members of your organization--the people who influence the patient experience and long-term success. Invite one of our senior consultants to give you a call--no obligation--at 800.821.8481.  

The most engaged employees leave first?

Posted on June 21, 2013 by Gallagher Integrated

Employee engagement in healthcare organizationsHow can it be that your healthcare organization's most engaged employees would also be the ones at the highest risk of leaving? That doesn't make sense, right?  Well, it does if you look beyond the overall engagement score.

If you've read any of our previous posts on employee engagement, you'll recall that INTEGRATED Healthcare Strategies uses multiple metrics to calculate engagement that include categories like: exerting extra effort; willingness to promote the organization as a workplace; being an overall satisfied employee; and really feeling a sense of belonging to the organization.

INTEGRATED thinks about engagement at a much deeper level. Our employee engagement expert, David Rowlee, PhD, likes to understand how that engagement score actually came about. For example, there is an engagement group called 'Seekers' that exert an extremely high level of effort, takes a great deal of pride in the organization, promotes the organization as a great place to work, is highly satisfied and feels strongly connected...but wants to leave the organization at the next possible opportunity. That's a problem.

Visit or to watch our latest video and others in the series that tell you everything you don't know, and need to know, about understanding employee engagement in your organization.


Leading Successful Health System Integration

Posted on June 4, 2013 by Gallagher Integrated

Authored by Debbie Weber, as appeared in the Summer 2013 issue of HR Pulse, a publication of ASHHRA

We’ve all recently read a lot about hospital mergers and acquisitions, and the integration of medical group practices into health systems. Much of that has focused on physician engagement, economies and efficiencies of operational centralization, and creating the new enterprise-wide culture.

But few resources are available to health care human resource (HR) leaders regarding the unique business and cultural differences between the HR needs of an acute care hospital and those of a medical group practice. HR leaders who are keenly aware of these differences are heavily involved in the redesign and restructuring of their HR departments to create an infrastructure that supports their organization’s new and rapidly expanding business model.

While medical group practices certainly share a similar genetic makeup with other health care business lines, there are subtle and not so subtle differences HR leaders need to clearly understand.  View full article

The 5 Types of Workforce Employee Engagement Profiles

Posted on May 21, 2013 by Gallagher Integrated

To truly understand employee engagement survey scores, healthcare organizations must look beyond the "face value."  This is an area where many surveys fall short--only providing an overall score and not analyzing deeper--a dangerous mistake if seemingly high engagement scores mask underlying problems.

Most healthcare organizations are surprised to discover there are five types of engagement groups that typically exhist in their organization:  Engaged, Seekers, Campers, Detaching and Separated.  How are they different from one another, and how do they each impact an organization?   

These are complex concepts, but the meanings are clear.  That's why INTEGRATED, along with Dr. David Rowlee, developed a video series to make employee engagement, "Clearly Understandable." 

In the fourth video in the series, Dr. Rowlee profiles each of the five engagement groups and explains why Seekers are the most dangerous.  

If you have less than five minutes to see intel critical to your organization's success, check out the video on YouTube.  Or, visit our website to see all the videos in the series.

Our Top 8 Most Popular Industry Intel

Posted on May 15, 2013 by Gallagher Integrated

In honor of National Healthcare Week, we at INTEGRATED wanted to give back to the dedicated professionals that make our healthcare facilities the places of trusted care that they are.  We thank the men and women in our hospitals nation-wide that play an essential role as providers of care.

Our experts are constantly developing new and insightful content for our clients and the healthcare industry. And here, we've pulled together the top eight most-popular items from the past year, ranging from articles to webinars to videos.

We hope these resources provide your organization with intel that help it operate more effectively, and prepare better for the future. 

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