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Community Health Centers at Risk

Posted on November 10, 2016 by James A. Rice, Ph.D., FACHE

Community Health Centers have a long and respected history of protecting, promoting and restoring health for the most vulnerable of our communities. But they are threatened by the potential loss of federal funding. See:   A recent meeting of our  Governance Academy with leaders from the Minnesota Association of Community Health Centers is one small initiative to help address this risk.  Developing effective Boards must help strengthen the vitality of these community health centers, and also foster more effective collaborative governance with local health departments and community hospitals.  Finding common ground should be in the shared development of Community Health Needs Assessments (CHNAs) such as outlined in our recent webinar with Carrot Health.  CLICK HERE to watch the presentation. 

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Voting and Visions

Posted on November 8, 2016 by Gallagher Integrated

On Election Day, we know painfully well that Politics is often referred to as the art of the possible. But politicians, just like Board Chairpersons, need a vision to guide their policies and bridge-building among diverse stakeholders.

The key visionary concept this year must be bridge-building. How can we reach out to others that have different views and experiences than ours to find common ground for the most good for the most people?

For those of us dedicated to smarter, stronger and more sustainable health systems, we can find provocative ideas for bridge building in the recent work of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s “The Culture of Health

San Diego’s bold partnerships in their Live Well San Diego should also be followed by board leaders to explore fresh ways to embrace and master the Social Determinants of Health, see: 

All of these initiatives, however, will call for us all to break through old ways of thinking, and be prepared to make more investments in community health and poverty reduction than in our medical equipment arms race. Look at the many ways that the Foster McGaw Award winners are building bridges to their communities, see:

Vote for community leaders who are boundary spanners, reaching across party, racial, ethnic, age and income lines to do “Collaborative Governance” that yields board work that is SMART…Stakeholder engaged. Mission driven. Accountable to those we serve. Resource mobilized. Transparency expected. To see our White Paper on Collaborative Governance, see:

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