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EXECUTIVE PAY FOR PERFORMANCE: THE FUNDAMENTALS The How, Why, When, Where, and What of Executive Pay

Posted on November 11, 2013 by Gallagher Integrated

While the idea is simple—paying more to get more—the realities of healthcare executive pay are much more complex. From the compensation issues arising from healthcare reform to those that have existed for decades, understanding the linkage between executive pay and organizational performance is as important as ever. So INTEGRATED Healthcare Strategies offers this exploration of The Fundamentals; a literal How, Why, When, Where, and What of executive pay for performance in a free E-book.

Here you will find five summaries of articles authored by INTEGRATED thought-leaders, that provide five different perspectives to help you better understand how pay impacts performance so you can better manage your organization's success. The full articles can be accessed by downloading INTEGRATED’s free E-book!

HOW can pay impact care?

Article: “Improving Quality of Care Through Executive Incentive Plans”, Eric Reehl, senior consultant

Between healthcare reform and accountable care organizations, the industry continues to emphasize quality to determine executive incentive plans. In a recent survey by INTEGRATED Healthcare Strategies on quality measures used at hospitals and healthcare systems, we found that the CMS Hospital Quality Initiative (HQI) measures were the most common. When this survey was conducted, more than half of the respondents used the CMS measures to assess quality. Learn more in INTEGRATED’s free E-book.

WHY do execs get pay increases?

Article: “Why is Executive Pay Still Rising?”, David A Bjork, senior vice president & senior advisor of executive compensation

With nearly 6,000 hospitals and hundreds of health systems competing for executive talent, there are plenty of open positions and a lot of recruiting activity. However, executive pay continues to rise. Find out why in INTEGRATED’s free E-book.

WHEN will new approaches arrive?

Article: "Hospital and Healthcare System Executive Compensation: The Future of Performance and Pay", Kevin Talbot, senior vice president & practice leader of total compensation and rewards

According to INTEGRATED Healthcare Strategies’ 2013 National Healthcare Leadership Compensation Survey, more than 80 percent of all hospitals and healthcare systems have annual incentive plans for their executives. Most of these plans are relatively similar in design, employing a combination of financial and non-financial performance metrics and targeting incentives at around 20 percent to 30 percent of base salary depending on the position. What does this mean for the future of executive compensation? Download INTEGRATED’s free E-book for the answers.

WHERE is non-profit CEO pay headed?

Article: "CEO Compensation Practices in Nonprofit Hospitals: A Matter for Public Concern and Action?”, Ken Ackerman, chairman, and David Bjork, senior vice president & senior advisor of executive compensation

Virtually all non-profit hospitals and health systems are facing major challenges such as labor shortages, intense competition, and increasing financial risk for various dimensions of performance—quality, patient safety, patient satisfaction and efficiency. Find out how this impacts where non-profit CEO pay is headed in INTEGRATED’s free E-book.

WHAT incentives drive value-based care?

Article: “Using Executive Pay to Bridge the Gap to Value-Based Care”, Becker’s Hospital Reviewinterview with Kevin Talbot, senior vice president & practice leader of total compensation and rewards

Typically, for an annual incentive plan, CEOs receive an incentive that is 30 percent of their base salary. To achieve that fully, they need to meet certain criteria. In terms of how much of that 30 percent is based on financial versus clinical, 40 percent or less should be based on financial. A majority should be based on clinical quality, patient safety and patient satisfaction. Are you curious how this is happening? Answers can be found in INTEGRATED’s free E-book.

These five articles authored by INTEGRATED thought-leaders will be offered as a free downloadable E-book October 1 — December 31, 2013. Don’t forget to visit our website and download your copy!

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