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One Goal, INTEGRATED Solutions

Improve performance with a more comprehensive approach.

There's no doubt healthcare organizations are facing extraordinary challenges. While on the surface, some of the key issues appear similar to those of other industries—executive recruiting, employee compensation, performance management, human capital strategy, and labor relations—recent changes to the healthcare industry have created unique challenges. Challenges that necessitate a fresh approach to improve the long-term viability of healthcare organizations.

Proven Solutions
The key to the industry's success is effectively managing people to achieve results—making better use of what's available, maximizing results while minimizing expenditures. Integrated Healthcare Strategies, a division of Gallagher Benefit Services, Inc. provides proven solutions to help you gain better insights, helping motivate your people to reach your objectives and better align your organization, plus the unique ability to integrate solutions that work together for even greater performance.

Exceptional Outcomes
Our clients are positioned to attract, retain, manage, and lead the most talented possible workforce to remain competitive and flexible in the market. We partner with our clients to impact the quality of each organization—by improving the quality of the work environment to attract and retain talent, and by better aligning its resources to meet strategic objectives.

Single-Industry Focus
As a consulting firm focused on healthcare and human capital, we are passionate about continuously sharing our expertise to create greater understanding and develop better resources. Through speaking engagements, webinars, whitepapers, articles, newsletters, and more, we are dedicated to helping the people of healthcare succeed.

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Our Approach

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