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Top Healthcare Consulting

With more than 20 years of experience, Integrated Healthcare Strategies is one of the top healthcare consulting companies in the nation. Integrated is a leading human capital specialist, providing consulting to a wide range of healthcare organizations—in fact, we have provided top healthcare consulting to more than 1,200 healthcare providers, 1,800 hospitals, and 700 independent and affiliated medical groups. Although the challenges these organizations face are not always exclusive to the healthcare or medical industry (employee compensation, executive recruiting, labor relations, performance management, and so on), the ways in which Integrated addresses these challenges is incredibly healthcare industry-specific. More importantly, however, Integrated provides solutions that are organization-specific, ensuring that you are getting the most accurate and precise solutions to the healthcare HR issues you would like addressed.

To deliver these healthcare-specific, comprehensive solutions, we start at home: by comprising our staff with top healthcare consulting experts, we are able to drive real solutions to your organization's problems. Our healthcare consultants bring with them an enormous amount of industry knowledge and expertise that has benefited countless health organizations, from community and children's hospitals to nursing homes, from health centers to medical practices, and even academic medical research center facilities. Our consultants' industry expertise spans far beyond only healthcare consulting—in fact, our experts have a keen understanding of healthcare education, medical practices, labor relations and more. We offer top healthcare consulting knowledge to address the challenges you face, both tomorrow and beyond.

With such a depth of industry knowledge at our disposal, we make it a cornerstone of our business to generate better resources that promote greater understanding of the challenges the healthcare industry faces. Such resources include newsletters, informative videos, articles in industry publications, whitepapers, and helpful information presented during speaking engagements by our top healthcare consulting specialists. We do not stop there, however. While it is critical to illuminate major issues that the healthcare industry faces as a whole, it is that much more important to address the specific needs of your healthcare organization.

That's why Integrated offers both a breadth and a depth of options. After getting to know your organization's culture, policies, procedures, strengths, and challenges through a series of interviews and other tactics, we utilize a host of top healthcare consulting services to quickly and efficient set your organization on the right track to success in the dynamic healthcare industry. These services include: physician services like compensation review and design, practice operations, and compensation and rewards; engagement surveys for employees, physicians, volunteers, board/trustees, and patients; HR consulting, governance, and leadership. All told, these services paint a very complete picture of the variety of solutions that healthcare organizations need in today's challenging market.

With substantive advice and high-caliber products and services, Integrated is one of the top healthcare consulting firms in the country. Our real-world, insightful solutions have delivered measurable performance improvement for our clients countless times and will continue to do so. The education, insight, and guidance that we provide to our clients generates healthy, sustainable growth that will not only improve your organization from an internal perspective, but also will transform your organization into a more productive, high-performing, and manageable one—which allows you to get back to the important, rewarding work of taking care of patients.

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