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Physician Compensation

Physician compensation date collection is a useful tool for evaluating many different aspects within a healthcare facility. Here at Integrated Healthcare Strategies, we know that there is much more to physician compensation than salary information. The compensation data can be gathered to determine a variety of different factors including; assisting various levels of management, comparing physician salary, and determining the level, trends and relationships between both compensation and productivity. By gathering this information for study, the healthcare business can make better decisions regarding the compensation for physicians, other members of the medical staff and important personal throughout the business who do not provide medical services directly.

By gathering physician compensation information, it can be used to develop a view on the compensation statistics of your healthcare business compared to others throughout the nation. When these numbers are compared side by side, it allows a professional to determine the areas in which another healthcare business is rising above yours, and then use these figures to determine the ways that your healthcare business can make changes to rise above as well. The numbers gathered based on physician compensation say a lot about your healthcare business and the professionals here at INTEGREATED Healthcare Strategies are educated on gathers and analyzing the data, while providing you with insight on positive changes for your businesses success.

Physician compensation can change dramatically over a couple of years, and keeping those you employ up to par with these changes is important. Through the ACA, physician compensation is based on the level of care, services provided and the value of the physician to the patient. By collecting physical compensation date, you can help the physicians within your facility gain insight on the areas they can improve to not only up the compensation for the physician, but improve the overall functioning of the healthcare business. Productivity, quality, efficiency and the outcome are all related to the data collected through compensation information.

There is a successful compensation model that is based on a variety of different factors, and this model varies depending on the type of healthcare facility involved. The information on physician compensation is gathered through surveys that are taken by the physicians working at your healthcare business. By comparing them first to one another, and then comparing physician compensation to other facilities, the professionals here at Integrated Healthcare Strategies will create a variety of unique, effective methods for change.

By developing a physician compensation plan for your facility, you can ensure that all avenues are covered and the physicians are providing the best outcomes from their services. Providing quality outcomes in key for success and the higher the quality of the outcome is, the higher your facility rankings will go.

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