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Largest Healthcare Consulting Firms

With the changing nature of healthcare, it can be challenging to predict what is coming for your business, not to mention how those changes will affect your patients, employees, and executive leadership. That's why Integrated Healthcare Strategies strives to deliver multiple consulting services that healthcare organizations need to succeed in the oftentimes volatile and unpredictable healthcare climate. As one of the largest healthcare consulting firms in the country, we are able to provide a variety of services and integrate multiple solutions at once rather than utilizing single-minded approaches that rarely begin to address the multi-layered challenges facing healthcare organizations in today's market. By receiving a truly integrated approach that maximizes efficiency and impact, your organization will be prepared to take on the most prominent issues in the future, including the pressing predicament of increasing risk and declining payments.

Compared to many other healthcare consulting companies, the breadth and depth of services we offer is impressive. Many of the largest healthcare consulting firms often provide limited solutions that they attempt to replicate across varying markets and organizations, but Integrated recognizes the multifaceted, unique nature of each healthcare organization. In fact, many of our expert consultants have spent time in the field and have concrete operational experience, ensuring that you will receive consultation that is tested and practical rather than simply theoretical. With industry experts and thought-leaders from all across the country, Integrated has grown into one of the largest healthcare consulting firms, giving us a unique insight into the realm of human capital strategy.

Our services, though expansive, are carefully targeted to meet the specific challenges of your organization. As one of the most experienced and largest healthcare consulting firms, Integrated recognizes that no two health organizations are alike. Whether we are dealing with a children's hospital, an academic medical center, health networks, a community hospital, or even a nursing home, our consultation will be fine-tuned—with a careful ear turned towards your specific needs. We employ a variety of tactics to "keep our ears to the ground"—everything from interviews to various analyses give us insight into your organization. With that information in hand, we can offer an array of services such as financial planning, strategy, labor relations, healthcare governance, physician and employee compensation, executive recruiting, placement, and retention, and stragic planning. We tailor this consultation to you, presenting it in a way that is clear and easy to understand.

Because we are one of the largest healthcare consulting firms, we are able to utilize the knowledge of our industry experts to go above and beyond the services we offer by providing our clients with additional knowledge. Through speaking engagements, case studies, webinars, newsletters, and articles (some of which are even featured in industry publications), we convey necessary insight that gives you a leg up in the healthcare industry. In this market, healthcare organizations need to focus on much more than just surviving—they also need to concentrate on thriving. Our unique industry insight allows your organization to look to the future when it comes to making key decisions. Integrated's solutions help you to anticipate what is coming beforehand and adapt accordingly, rather than respond reactively.

Integrated knows it is not enough to be one of the largest healthcare consulting firms; we must also be the best if we hope to push our clients to a point of success. But our deep network within the healthcare consulting space allows us to leverage even more connections to grow organizations if need be. With dedicated insight, professional and seasoned consultants, and responsive client care, we become one of the best and largest healthcare consulting firms in the nation. Our knowledge and experience can improve efficiency and operations for your organization, which allows you to focus on your patients—a vital and important paradigm shift for healthcare success in today's healthcare climate.

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