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Hospital Operations Consulting

In recent years, hospitals have been presented with many unique challenges. Issues of increasing risk and declining payments, healthcare regulations, executive retention, physician services and human resources are all interrelated and pose difficult questions for hospitals trying to thrive in an ever-changing healthcare climate. Because the challenges themselves are so interconnected, you need a hospital operations consulting company that can address them from all angles. Integrated Healthcare Strategies strives to provide a breadth and depth of services to fit your unique needs. Hospitals in particular benefit from our hospital operations consulting, though we work with the entire spectrum of healthcare organizations: health networks, academic medical centers, medical practices, nursing homes, community health centers, and more.

Boilerplate solutions rarely work in the world of hospital operations consulting, though that doesn't stop many consulting firms from trying to apply them. Fortunately, Integrated recognizes the need for unique, custom strategies for their clients. That's why we employ a host of experienced consultants who learn everything there is to know about your organization through services like healthcare engagement surveys, technology analysis, compensation surveys, employee and physician interviews, and more. With this insight in hand, we can provide strategic hospital operations consulting with solutions that are tailor-made to suit the needs of your organization. From there, our consultants, who are industry experts and thought leaders, can utilize our many services and resources to begin implementing positive change for your organization: physician services, compensation and rewards, governance and leadership, compensation surveys, engagement surveys, merger and acquisition services, and executive search.

Compensation and rewards can be particularly challenging for many of our clients seeking hospital operations consulting. Our vast experience in this field can benefit your organization by helping you to align pay with strategic priorities—from the CEO level all the way down to hospital staff. Not only that, but in the current environment of necessary increased transparency and public scrutiny around executive pay, we can prepare you for what is to come while designing and implementing pay programs that improve progress for your hospital.

Another tricky problem that many seek to address when utilizing our hospital operations consulting expertise is in the area of governance and leadership. We provide many services within this area, including board education, recruitment, board and executive retreats, leadership academies, and executive coaching to ensure that your hospital's leadership is the best it can possibly be while also keeping in line with your strategic goals. As healthcare and governance systems become increasingly complex, your boards and executive teams need hospital operations consulting that provides them with real education and solutions to succeed in the challenging and oftentimes volatile field of healthcare.

Human resources issues can also mire hospitals with unnecessary complications that distract from providing the best possible healthcare to patients. Because many of our consultants have operational experience, we are able to leverage that in our hospital operations consulting to provide results that have been tested in real-world scenarios. We assess your existing culture, policies, and procedures and identify areas for improvement as well as lay out specific steps to achieve that improvement. From short-term to long-term human resources objectives, we produce sustainable, effective solutions for tactical issues such as compensation inequity, performance management, labor relations, and leadership. Any organization looking for truly impactful hospital operations consulting should look no further than Integrated.

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