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Healthcare Surveys

With over 20 years of expertise and knowledge in healthcare, Integrated is the leading provider of healthcare surveys in the industry. The world of healthcare is constantly evolving, which can make making decisions extremely difficult. That is why it is extremely important to have all of the resources possible at your fingertips to arm you in the decision-making process. Fortunately, Integrated can help. We provide the most recent healthcare surveys in the industry, ensuring that you will have all the data you need to make the best healthcare decisions possible.

Our healthcare surveys cover a wide variety of healthcare topics and issues. We have many standard surveys, including our Employee Engagement Surveys, our Physician Engagement Surveys, our Patient Engagement Surveys and our Board/Trustee Engagement Surveys, as well as many others. We also offer customized healthcare strategies to help address any specific issues or problems that you may encounter.

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For our engagement surveys, our innovative approach is typically two times as predictive of key outcomes compared to many, more traditional engagement metrics. We have crafted surveys that go way beyond simply gauging satisfaction and commitment. We design our healthcare surveys to measure the engagement level of healthcare populations and key factors in the workplace.

Our benchmarking depth enables organizations to compare and contrast their performance against other organizations across the nation. The result is better metrics, better comparisons and better insights.

Beyond our cutting-edge healthcare surveys, we also provide an impressive suite of informative analyses. Our advanced analytics provide you with not just raw data, but also invaluable insight to help you navigate your way through important decisions and potential issues. Our experienced consultants and researchers will offer appropriate recommendations for the strategic questions that you need answered. We offer Correlation Analysis, Regression (Key Driver) Analysis, and Linkage Analysis. All of these can be the tools that help make the difference with your team and the difficult decisions you and your team face.

With Integrated’s healthcare surveys you can get insights on factors that impact your business today and in the future. Our healthcare surveys also help you explore a range of flexible, customizable solutions to fit your needs when it comes to making important decisions for your organization. More importantly, our data puts the power in your hands.

If you are looking for reliable data and insightful analysis, then Integrated’s innovative healthcare surveys are for you. If you would like to discuss what we can do for you, please reach out to us today. You can reach us by phone or email, whatever is best for you. And remember, our experts can help you and your organization approach the future with confidence.

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