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Healthcare Consulting Firms

Good healthcare consulting firms do more than provide services for their clients—they build relationships. Beyond providing clients with an experienced, independent perspective, the Integrated Consulting Services provide results unlike other healthcare consulting firms in the marketplace. We use our proven approach to make sure we understand your needs and provide you with the best HR Consulting services available in the healthcare industry.

Human Resources are often a healthcare organization’s largest expense. Quality healthcare consulting firms understand this concept and help you turn your organization’s Human Resources into your greatest potential. The ability to reach your goals, reduce costs, and create an engaged and aligned employee, physician and leadership environment can be the difference between success and failure. That’s why we can help you identify the tactics that can help you shift the focus from a conventional, low-value transactional model to a strategic business partner for the organization.

To help you accomplish this, we assess your existing culture, policies and procedures and compare them to both your long-term and short-term objectives. We identify areas that need improvement and then recommend immediate solutions that are sustainable solutions for problems and issues. In addition, we drive strategic change through employee communication plans, leadership and community.

A leader among healthcare consulting firms, we start the process by gaining an understanding of your core opportunities. Unlike many other healthcare consulting firms, we provide you with the means to transform your workforce relations into a streamlined and efficient component of your organization’s overall success.

Few healthcare consulting firms can match this type of service. Integrated has provided and continues to provide consultative human-capital services to clients across the healthcare spectrum. We have helped community and children’s hospitals, along with academic centers, health networks, clinics, and other healthcare-related organizations.

Our uniquely qualified experts and nationally recognized thought-leaders, work with organizations to help them achieve their goals. This is accomplished by helping organizations attract top talent, retaining that top talent and making sure their workforce is fully engaged. Our tailored services go well beyond single services. We offer insight, knowledge, guidance and the alignment that organizations need to survive in this rapidly changing healthcare environment.

If interested in learning more about our HR Consulting Services, you can reach out to us via telephone or email. Our experts are waiting to help you take your organization and career to a whole new level.

Our Approach

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