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Best Healthcare Consulting Firms

In today's healthcare climate of increasing risk and declining payment, it's vital that any healthcare organization takes the necessary steps to succeed. Integrated Healthcare Strategies, a division of Gallagher Benefit Services, Inc. helps healthcare organizations do just that. As one of the best healthcare consulting firms in the country, Gallagher Integrated's mission is to provide expert consultation to our clients, equipping them with the tools they need to succeed in today's challenging healthcare landscape.

We have assembled a first-rate team of healthcare consultants—industry experts, former medical professionals, and other healthcare thought-leaders whose passion and competence sets them apart as members of one of the best healthcare consulting firms in the business. In fact, many of our consultants have healthcare operating experience that they draw on in their consultation, insuring that you receive a practical approach as opposed to only a theoretical one—a service that only one of the best healthcare consulting firms in the country can offer.

It is not only the knowledge of our consultants that sets Gallagher Integrated apart as one of the best healthcare consulting firms, however; it is also the responsive and dedicated manner in which we address the concerns of our clients. You can rest assured that we will never turn a client over to a junior consultant; we commit our most dedicated and seasoned experts to each client to ensure optimal results. It is our sole objective to deliver top-notch, timely services to everyone we work with, never putting one client above another.

We begin our process by finding out everything there is to know about your healthcare organization. Our information-gathering process uses multiple tools such as technology analysis and employee surveys, guaranteeing that we have the most relevant information about your organization to provide optimal insight. And we don't stop there; we also present it in a way that is clear and straightforward, making it easy to see how all elements of compensation fit together. Then, we help you to interpret this new information while also providing careful recommendations based on the data to improve your programs, offerings, and internal processes. When looking for one of the best healthcare consulting companies to help you streamline and improve your organization, these are services you should demand, and Gallagher Integrated is more than equipped to provide them.

With Gallagher Integrated, the services at your disposal are vast. We offer everything from employee, physician and executive compensation and engagement, to governance, physician services, and executive placement. Plus, we also offer performance management, executive recruitment, employee retention, and labor relations. Our many services in the human capital strategy sphere provide you with both a breadth and depth of tools that can be leveraged to improve your business and increase efficiency. When paired with our financial planning and strategic development capabilities, you receive services that are truly integrated.

There is a reason Gallagher Integrated is known as one of the best healthcare consulting firms among its peers: we deliver quick, actionable results that will integrate all aspects of business, guaranteeing current and future success in an oftentimes unpredictable industry. Although most healthcare organizations are attempting to balance the current trend of increasing risk and declining payments, there is no risk in using Gallagher Integrated's team of experts to prepare you for what is to come—our proven track record of success means that we can make the changes you need to prosper.

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